Creative Assembly have interviewed themselves (a bit weird, yes) about the upcoming Mortal Empires campaign for Total War: Warhammer. There isn’t a great deal of new information in this piece, and those hoping for a solid release date will walk away disappointed, but it does have one or two things that were at least new to me.

Game Director Ian Roxburgh mostly sticks to topics that are already known, such as the aspects fromĀ Total War: Warhammer 2 that will transfer across, that parts of the New World that will be truncated, and so on. For those that have missed any Mortal Empires news up to this point, it combines (most of) the New World, with the full Old World map from Total War: Warhammer. You’ll need to own both games for this, but it has previously been stated that only the second game must actually be installed.

Roxburgh confirms that the very early ‘Russian datamine’ of the Mortal Empires map was “pretty accurate,” and states that bits of the New World have been trimmed off because there’s “a cost to the player in terms of ballooning end-turn times and a less-interesting slog of a campaign”. Playtesting of all 35 factions (on all difficulties) is said to be in progress, and CA are happy with where the balance is right now.

At launch, none of the Old World Lords will get new starting positions, though that seems very much to be planned for future updates. A pair of New World Lords will get brand new starts, though. Queek is moving across to Karrag Orrud, putting him in contention for Karak Eight Peaks, while Teclis is now going to be in the Star Tower, to the east of Lustria.

As mentioned, there’s still no definitive release date for Mortal Empires. “In a matter of weeks” is still the line. Below, you can see the first overhead image from the campign (click for larger).

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