As scheduled, EA has just announced six new titles during the publisher’s annual studio showcase event.
Sims 3: Late Night. Not, strictly speaking, a new “game,” but Sims 3 players will be keen to learn about this new expansion, scheduled for an autumn release. Late Night will let the Sims loose “on a vibrant, active downtown scene where they’ll rub elbows with celebrities at the hottest parties.”

Darkspore. A Maxis-developed, top-down Action-RPG (set in a sci-fi universe), due for release in 2011. The speakers were keen to stress that this is not an extension of Spore, but does share some of that game’s technology. Innovations in character customisation will apparently aid players as they build up a collection of genetic heroes, with skills like becoming “a fireball of death.” It was made clear that although single player is possible, Darkspore will be a co-op game at heart. Players will need to work together to free one another from traps and destroy enemies effectively. Meanwhile, an AI director will watch how players approach the game and randomise various aspects of levels. We’ll be seeing more of this at ComicCon, but for now you can enjoy the teaser video at Darkspore’s official site.

Alice: Madness Returns. American McGee talked a little about the first Alice game and Spicy Horse, the company he launched in China, before confirming that the Spicy Horse team will be working in partnership with EA on a sequel. He assured everyone that Alice: Madness Returns will have “amazing art” and an “awesome story,” then showed off a handful of promo shots. Alice will be returning to Wonderland, but also showing up in London this time. McGee then showed a very short teaser video in which blood gushed from the mouth of a hypnotised Alice. It was charming.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Details about this title were released earlier today. Curt Schilling, who told the audience he was a hardcore gamer of 30 years, was visibly and audibly excited to be showing off the title. It promises to deliver “genre-changing combat and action,” that will be revealed in more detail at ComicCon on 22 July. A trailer was shown, but the audience were asked to turn off all cameras and, alas, the live stream cut out to an advert at that point.

Fight Night: Champion. Coming in 2011, and essentially as we detailed earlier today. The only additional snippet was that the game will aim to bring out boxing’s “dark, seedier” side. A couple of fairly brutal, bloody screenshots were shown.

EA Sports Active: NFL Training Camp. This appears to be a fitness game aimed at the American Football crowd. It will aim to deliver “authentic NFL training activities” straight to your living room, allowing players to do multiple drills to see if they can make it as an NFL star.
Keep an eye on IncGamers during this week for further details about many of these games as they emerge from ComicCon.

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