Naruto Shippuden UNSR - 24

A balance patch will be hitting the game with the incredibly long name of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution before long, according to Namco Bandai’s Tumblr.

Yes, Tumblr. I know. I had the same reaction.

We don’t know exactly when this Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution patch is coming or which systems it’s for (“receiving an update soon” is the best we’ve got to go on) but it’ll probably hit PC. I hope. It’s not the biggest or most extensive patch the world has even seen – it’s largely aimed at adjusting the balance and, seemingly, adjusting a few little quirks with support characters and the AI of the Auto Drive – but hey, I’m all in favour of anything that makes games better.

The full patch notes follow.

Game Balance Adjustments

  • The behavior of the support characters after triggering the Co-op Ultimate Jutsu is adjusted.
  • The Chakra consumption of Ultimate Jutsu from Combo and Co-op Ultimate Jutsu from Combo is adjusted.
  • The ring-out behavior when the Ninjutsu with effects is hit in the abyss stage is adjusted.
  • The Auto Drive behavior of the Drive Type when the Storm Gauge goes from Max to 0 is adjusted.
  • The Chakra amount necessary to trigger the Support Drive 2 for the Drive Type is adjusted.
  • The gauge behavior of the Drive Type when all the support characters are defeated with the Max Storm Gauge is adjusted.
  • The effect of Chiyo’s True Awakening is adjusted.
  • The opponent’s unconscious time upon the successful knockout blow is adjusted.
  • The opponent will be blown away if the Guard Break Attack is hit while the opponent is unconscious.
  • The behavior of the Awakening Type characters when Awakened while moving is adjusted.
  • For the Ultimate Jutsu Type, the effect of the Combination Ultimate Jutsu between Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji is adjusted.
  • The ground combo first level of Sasuke (Eti. Mang. Sharingan) is adjusted.
  • For the Drive Type, the behavior of the opponent who substituted the combo support during the Attack Drive is adjusted.
  • With multiple characters, the behavior after substituting the ground combo is adjusted.
  • The behavior of the puppet characters when triggering the Co-op Ultimate Jutsu is adjusted.

Correction with Modes

  • The request menu display in the “Mecha Naruto Episode” of Ninja World Tournament is adjusted.
  • The behavior when obtaining the Ultimate Jutsu Orb and Awakening Orb is adjusted.


  • Other various motions are adjusted.
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