Yes, one more bit of Call of Duty WW2 news; this time concerning the traditional zombie-slaying mode. This got a brief mention at the end of today’s presentation, after a not-at-all-staged audience question.

The co-operative, undead-unfriendly mode sounds a little different from usual, while still being pretty familiar. You’ll be killing zombies, as ever. This being Call of Duty WW2 they will naturally be Nazi zombies. Indeed, the mode itself is called Nazi Zombies.

There were, signs of the mode being slightly more horror oriented than usual. Prior Call of Duty releases have leaned heavily on 80s-90s celebrities and a very tongue in cheek tone. In contrast, Sledgehammer said today that this aspect of the game is definitely being treated like a horror title.

The accompanying press release backs that up somewhat, calling the mode of play “all-new” and characterising the action as “unexpected”. More details about co-op, and indeed everything Call of Duty WW2, are coming at E3.

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