New Rainbow Six Siege Patch Causing Problems

Earlier this week, Ubisoft released a much needed patch for their 2015 shooter, Rainbow Six Siege. The patch addressed quite a few fixes to the game that had been found by the community. Unfortunately, the patch caused about as many issues as it fixed.

Problems include unregistered headshots, players having the ability to disable the laser on tripmines, and knife hits being completely useless by causing no effect to a foe.

Community members have dubbed one of the issues as “Shadowman” where a player is a standing black silhouette with fully extended arms. This issue comes up regardless of the current position of the player, whether they are standing, crouching, or totally prone.

Ubisoft has acknowledged some of the issues, but haven’t given out an official date for when they’ll be fixed. For now, let’s just hope your game works properly.


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