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Houses aren’t just a status symbol in New World. They’re also a functional gameplay element that can help you get around the map faster, loot better gear, deal more damage, craft higher Gear Score items, and gather rare materials. I’ll take you through the housing acquisition process, help you choose the ideal location, and explain why a house is more than a home in New World. And I won’t charge any realtor fees.

If you’re into Titles, then purchasing a house is a must for you. After you enter the housing market in New World, you will be awarded the “Homeowner” title. I’m level 60 and I still run around with this proud badge of honor on display. It’s a good one.


One of the major benefits of owning a home in New World is that you can recall to it from anywhere for free every few hours. If you’ve recalled recently, you can pay a little bit of Azoth to reset the cooldown and teleport there instantly. It’s cheaper than using the teleporters between waypoints and cities. So, you should choose locations for your houses that are spread across the map. You can have up to three houses at a time. I chose Windsward as my first location because it is central, and you get your territory standing up there early on. Mourningdale was my second location. They’re located far apart, allowing me to jump across the entire map quickly and cheaply.

Entering the market

Housing in New World comes in four tiers. Tier one costs 5,000 gold. Tier two will cost you 10,000 gold. The third tier is 15,000 gold. And the final tier is 20,000. You may be tempted to wait until you have access to and can afford a tier-four house to get the most out of the 50% discount on your first home. I recommend against that. Your taxes will be high, and you’ll miss out on the benefits of housing for far too long.

House Discount

I recommend purchasing a tier two home in one of the starting areas. It will give you enough space for more storage. And saving up 5,000 gold isn’t difficult. One of the most enjoyable parts of purchasing a house in New World is wandering around the towns looking at all the options you have. I brought a friend along and we treated it like I was purchasing a real house. It was a blast.

Decorating your home is also a lot of fun. You can level your Furnishing skill to get access to more elaborate designs, as well as Storage Chests – one of the best benefits of houses.

The perks of housing

A New World housing guide isn’t complete without discussing Storage Chests and Trophies. These are the two best benefits of purchasing homes. More storage space is always welcome. As I mentioned in my New World beginners guide, you should always pick more storage as a Territory upgrade. Storage Chests are super versions of these boosts. You will need to get your Furnishing skill up to level 35 to make the most basic chest, the Hewn Log Storage Chest. But it will increase your storage capacity in that town by 200. As you progress, you can replace your chests with even more spacious ones. A tier one house can only have one Storage Chest. That’s why I recommend you purchase a tier two home. It will allow you to have two chests. A tier three home gets three chests, and tier four gets four.

New World Storage Chest

You can get global perks to your character from Trophies displayed in your homes. If you place two of the same Trophies in different houses, the buffs will stack. And each home you own, regardless of its tier, can display five Trophies. So, you can really empower your character with a few houses and the right Trophies.

The buffs from Trophies improve your damage against specific enemy types, your different crafting skills, your gathering with specific tools, and your looting luck. I would suggest always maxing out your looting luck and trying to improve your chances of gathering rare materials.

New World House

Death and taxes

There is one downside to owning a house in New World. You need to pay taxes every week. And the higher tier your house, the higher your taxes will be. If you can, purchase a house in an area with a lower tax rate. However, zones will change hands regularly. So, this isn’t too much of a consideration. The more decorations you place in your home, the higher your taxes will be.

If you don’t pay your taxes, you will not be able to recall to your house, you will not be able to visit your house, your Trophy buffs will be disabled, and you will be unable to use your Storage Chests. Thankfully, your bill doesn’t increase every week. If you don’t pay for a month, you will still only need to pay a week’s tax to get full access to your house again.

And that’s a wrap on our New World housing market guide. Happy hunting.

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