No Squadron 42 footage at Star Citizen Gamescom event tomorrow

No Squadron 42 footage at Star Citizen Gamescom event tomorrow

Backers of Star Citizen will be eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s main event with Chris Roberts although nobody is quite sure what they will show.

What we do know is that the single player Squadron 42 which is now long overdue is not going to be shown. Chris Roberts says that all the chapters are still being worked on and he declined to give any more details on when we’ll see more. It’s been a long time since we saw any real footage from Squadron 42 which is the one aspect of Star Citizen that may just get completed even if it has been delayed. We have some faith in Erin Roberts being able to produce the goods.

CIG is going for a movie quality experience with Squadron 42 according to Chris Roberts who spent some time Gamestar at Gamescom. For those concerned about feature creep, or whether the game will ever be finished he also added, “The time we stop adding stuff and making the game better, is the point where the game dies as an online game”. He has a point but there’s really not much of a game at the moment, it’s certainly a far cry from what we expected five years into the project.

Regarding tomorrow’s event, Roberts said that what they will show is “pretty cool” but again it also sounds like another scripted demo carefully put together and choreographed like last year.

We’ll be following tomorrow’s event closely and will have a full report as the event airs live on Twitch.

The full interview can be seen below:

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Tufao

      “We have some faith in Erin Roberts being able to produce the goods.”

      The guy who is CR’s brother and earns more money than people like David Braben by not producing anything? The guy who was supposed to hold Chris Roberts and put the project back on track because he made Lego Games? The guy who claimed on interviews that Star Citizen will have 1000 in an instance and, today, at the Gamescon said that they have the intention to add food, water and shower mechanics, where your avatar have to take a shower eventually or the NPC’s will complain of his bad smell?

      All that after all the things that Roberts told that is holding Squadron 42 to be released, which basically put that as an impossible task too?

      Oh yeah! Let’s have some faith.

      • Paul Younger

        Erin Roberts has actually released some decent games. Starlancer was excellent. Whether he has fallen into his brothers trap is another question.

        • Tufao

          Yes. Decent games. But Starlancer was not excelent. Instead, it was worst than games released one decade earlier. Games made by the own Erin and Roberts by the way. They lost their touch long ago. Just did more of the same, hyping a lot more quality, delivering less. They are like that famous singer that made just one great song and nothing else.
          He should have stayed doing Lego’s, in terms of reputation. But of course, moving to Star Citizen was a lot more profitable, personally, to him.
          Certainly they already earned more money than made releasing all their previous games together. And that’s why they simply can’t let this go, as long as there are whales to sustain them. They will continue focused on the show.
          Real game development is not part of their business anymore.

        • Siaynoq

          Get a load of Privateer 2 and be afraid. Be very afraid.

    • Don Zunner

      In before Joe Blobber comes in stumbling and bumbling some excuse out of his rear end. LOL!

      • Joe_Blober

        Excuse to a pathetic troll? For what? SQ42 will come when ready and nobody care about trolls prophecies. DS have been litteraly slapped yesterday not only by me (that was obvious) but for the first time, even nay-sayers give him enough to return to his cave…. Some people are disatisfied of time of development but they now clearly see what 3.0 have to offer. Keep trolling that make this article more visible and more article will be published 🙂

        • Don Zunner

          Dude, just stop. That presentation was garbage and nobody is interested in watching you play as CIG’s cheerleader with your broken English pom poms. It’s over man. All they had to show was a broken tech demo and a shitty overpriced webcam that nobody wants. You are a joke and nobody understands what you are even trying to say.

          • Joe_Blober

            Readers do understand very well and they know what an Alpha crash server means for and Alpha build: Working as intented 🙂

            +800K$ in one day… wait for 3.0 release…

            My name is Borat if you prefer. If you want to troll do it with style 🙂

            • Don Zunner

              Blah Blah Blah. More nonsense, more excuses, more apologies, more bullshit to hide that CIG has failed. 6 years and $157 Million dollars are up in smoke with nothing to show but a janky bug ridden mess that crashes ever 10 minutes. There is not enough shilling in the world to hide that this thing is a failure. Star Citizen is garbage, but you keep on shilling buddy. Look at the comments, nobody is buying your white knight nonsense. It’s time to get a refund because Derek Smart was in fact right after all.

              • Joe_Blober

                Sure +800K are a slap in your fae man… no need to read your troll ranting 🙂
                Give me another one.

              • Don Zunner

                More broken English stuttering after getting all your talking points destroyed. It seems like are fresh out of new things to defend them with son. Time to give it a rest man. This project is dead.

              • Joe_Blober

                … and your are just that: A roll shooting no sense so desperate he have to insult other. 🙂
                Keep going

              • Don Zunner

                Says the lunatic that has a blog with peoples names you have been stalking. You are that bottom feeder that only exists here in video game article comment sections. Pathetic.

              • Joe_Blober

                Stalking? Not really. This is an informative blog about who are those individual with multiple alt harassing CIG and backers with troncated information lies and obfuscation. Pathetic individual indeed.

              • Don Zunner

                My god you are one sad and pathetic shill. This is all you have in life and it shows. You are a psychopathic stalker addicted to this video game. Nobody thinks your batshit crazy blog is informative at all. You really are crazy. I hope Chris Roberts takes all your money before filing bankruptcy.

              • Joe_Blober

                Coming from D.Zunner/Don Zunner or whatever alt you may have, that is pretty fun. The blog give enough information to people able to sort out Master Troll delirium and affiliate agenda versus what they see in ATV’s, soon in 3.0 and all others modules already released.

                More new backers every weeks… That is life 🙂

    • NoEresTuSoyYo

      Answer The Call 2018


      • Ulric L. Wolf

        You know they won’t update that ‘page’ until the final hour, despite knowing there’s no way they’re going to make ‘2017’.

        It’s just a repeat of 2015, 2016 GC/CC.

        • Joe_Blober

          … And they will do it for the next decade as “Answer The Call 2017” nevere mean release date but… Answer the call now.

          Beside that i Do not know any company hat provide full Alpha access to everybody including none backers several time a year. Talk about transparency.

          Reality is that again, CR did stuned everybody with 3.0 Demo and upcoming features. Levsky station alone did improve massively in quality, lighting as well as the Asteroid, moon, air to ground fight and Idris appareance… a ship that was never able to exist according by Master Toll. Too big, too much mesh, can’t be flyable…. seamless space to moon decades away…

          Yea really beside the crash server and Ursa being destroyed due to Physic on Idris ramp…. this is just amazing.

          2018 will see jobs added together with many bugs fixed. Like it or not this is coming to fruition and this is possible by backers for backers. Best 45$ spent on my gaming life!

          • Ulric L. Wolf

            Dude, go the the SQ42 page, find the disclaimer that states it’s anything but a release date.

            Reality is that some were impressed, some were not, claiming ‘CR did Stuned everybody’ is completely false…

            Further, you need to get it through your thick skull that critique or complaints about CIG does not mean that someone wants someone to fail and can the hyperbolic white knight, melodrama bullshyte.

            • Joe_Blober

              There are Disclaimer about game being in Alpha, in bold letter even twice on store page for those looking to pledge.
              Personnaly I read comments before spending any dollars. It is stated.

              Quote CIG web site store page:
              “Squadron 42 is currently in development. On release, it will be
              available for download to all who purchase this package. The Arena
              Commander dogfighting module can be accessed immediately and will be
              continually updated as Star Citizen is developed.”

              • Ulric L. Wolf

                Note the ‘STORE’ page is not the SQ42 page, what was the question posed to you?

                “Go the the SQ42 page, find the disclaimer that states it’s anything but a release date.”

                People looking merely for status are not going to be going to the ‘web store page’.

                Even your own quote says NOTHING stating the that ‘Answer the Call – 2017’ is what you claim “never mean release date but… Answer the call now.”
                This, your BS interpretation, is outside any normal parlance/practice in regards to announced release dates.

                To summarize, you have proven nothing other than, my statement in regards to you being a ‘white knight’ is correct. You’re a deluded fool who has appointed himself as a digital mall ninja on behalf of CIG… and it’s pathetic.

              • Joe_Blober

                You pretend people are misleaded by “Answer The Call 2017″… but if they decide to pledege they have to go to the store page. With two big disclaimer. When pledging you also have to validated 2 check boxes… so 4 warning/disclaimer and people are not aware?

                Call it BS interpretation but…. 4 consecutives warning…. nobody can’t pretend to not be informed. Everybody can see that you decided that that does not matter. Fine, live with in your own lies if you like so.

              • Ulric L. Wolf

                I have never seen anyone as selective in what they pay attention to when they read something as you.

                No I do not ‘pretend’ people are ‘misleaded’… the failure is either in your reading comprehension or your mental delusion.

                Let me point out AGAIN, to your illiterate self… your quote says nothing about any dates being ‘internal dates’.
                There is no disclaimer on the SQ42, nor indeed do the ‘game packages’ that the date provided on the SQ42 is not a ‘release date’.

                What I have stated is not a lie, you ignorant twit, it is a FACT. That would make your comment(s) in regards to the ‘quote’ and what it states the lie.

              • Joe_Blober

                You can pretend there are several warning/disclaimer to people deciding to pledge a starter package…. you can but fact are that anyone deciding to do do have several warning and have to tick checkboxes. Verifiable by anyone.

                “Answer The Call xxxx” is not release date and if people believe it… the several warning are there to highlight SQ42 is yet in development and they can play Arena Commander in the meantime.

                It is clear for everybody but you.

              • Ulric L. Wolf

                You so illiterate you don’t even know what your saying, much less me or anyone else….

                The only person pretending anything, is you Joe.

    • Ulric L. Wolf

      Welcome to 2017, in essence a repeat of 2016 when it comes to SQ42 ‘progress’.

      • Mate Sršen

        This is the part that really lowered my confidence in their development progress. Either they had to scrap some or all of their already greyboxed assets at some point and start over, prolonging development by months, or Chris lied in that interview. Not sure which option is worse, but both are pretty bad.

    • hammr25

      What a joke that 5 years after starting this project they still can’t show anything from Squadron 42.

    • 15 Percent Faster

      Feature creep: the enemy of anything being finished.

      Stop adding Face Tracking and smartwatches and finish the existing features. Elite Dangerous has taken a MUCH better approach to this, for all its flaws.