Oddworld: Soulstorm Mudokon guide — Phat Station, Hijack, and Old Trellis

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Level 7: The Hijack

The Hijack is the seventh level in Oddworld: Soulstorm.


It takes place on an adrenaline-pumping setpiece, that of a moving train. You’ll actually encounter all the Mudokons early in the level, but the only bird portal appears towards the end.

  • Mudokons: 15
  • Required for 80%: 12

Note: Look for monkey bars attached to undercarriages. You can use these to traverse the level or find secret areas.

Odwr Slst Lv Hjk Gd 1a

Mudokon #1 to 3

You’ll find them inside the first train car.

Odwr Slst Lv Hjk Gd 1b

Mudokon #4 to 6

They’re a couple of cars past this. You’ll spot monkey bars at the bottom.

Mudokon #7 to 12

They’re inside the nearby cars as well.

Odwr Slst Lv Hjk Gd 1c

Mudokon #13 to 15

You’ll eventually reach an area called the Boxcar Lounge (it’s got several vending machines). The car before that has monkey bars that you can grab. Throw a brew bottle and a flare to burn the undercarriage and create an opening. Alternatively, you can possess a Flying Slig and shoot the floor.

Odwr Slst Lv Hjk Gd 2a

Slig Mama

Soon, you’ll come across a giant tank, the Slig Mama. Have your followers stay back and wait. Abe has to move a bit closer to the Slig Mama, then throw a few brew bottles underneath the tank. This will cause the canister to explode, destroying the Slig Mama in the process.

From here, make your way across a few cars until you spot the bird portal. Anyway, let’s discuss the Reunion at Old Trellis level.

Odwr Slst Lv Hjk Gd 2b

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