June 20th, 2017

Oh no: Outlast pre-orders open at 20% off


Outlast looks pretty damn good. If you’ve missed the occasional bit of news or trailer, it’s a first-person scare-’em-up in which you’re an investigative journalist wandering a supposedly disused asylum in the hopes of finding out what the hell went on there, which anyone versed in horror movies will know is the worst idea in the world, short of going to a haunted mansion in the middle of nowhere with some friends and then splitting up to explore. This isn’t a combat-based survival horror, either: it’s about running and hiding. Shudder.

So why does this news begin with “Oh no”? Because I’m probably going to have to play it, and release draws ever nearer, and at this price I might even end up buying it anyway. Sigh.

“This price” is £11.99 on Steam, at the moment – a full 20% off the standard price of £14.99. It’ll be at this price until the game launches on 4 September, which means you’ll have to pre-order it to get it at that cost. I’d honestly suggest waiting until it launches, but that’s because I’ve seen too many people burned by pre-orders of games that look good.

Still, you’re free to make your own minds up. Red Barrels will be doing a survival horror panel at PAX Prime on 4 Sunday, too, and they’ll have a playable demo available on the showfloor. Perhaps that’ll help.

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