Oculus Rift - working factory prototype (2)

Here at IncGamers, we’re still a bit worried that the Oculus Rift device will end up making a lot of people prone to motion-sickness nausea. Virtual reality devices have a track record in that area, and it’s one stained with barf juice. Still, it’s hoped that the Oculus company will have the time and the money to get around (or at least mitigate) such issues.

In addition to the $2.4 million USD raised through Kickstarter, Oculus has announced that $16.0 million USD has been drummed up in venture capital. Spark Capital and Matrix Partners, along with Founders Fund and Formation 8, have been seeking extra funds on behalf of the VR device and come back with sizeable additional investment.

Here’s what Oculus inventor Palmer Luckey has to say about this:

We were fortunate enough to be able to pick investors who we thought would be a great fit. They really believe in our vision for the future of VR. These are people who have taken companies from startup to mass market many times, entrepreneurs who have a ton of meaningful experience building hardware and software consumer technology.

He adds that this money will “open doors” for the company, allowing them to hire the best VR experts available and experiment with additional technology (anti-nausea devices, perhaps.)

I think we all know the real reason these investors wanted to pitch in with so much money, though. It’s because they’re all eager to play Surgeon Simulator 2013 in glorious virtual reality.

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