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Overwatch 2 isn’t always a beacon of positivity, to say the least. Like any team-based competitive game, many interactions between players can be a little toxic as they let their emotions get the best of them. Many competitive games such as League of Legends have employed various systems to combat toxicity and reward good behavior. Similar to the latter, Overwatch 2‘s method is the endorsement level system, a way to reward helpful and positive teammates — and be rewarded in kind.

Every Overwatch 2 player has an endorsement level. This endorsement level ranges from Rank 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. The meaning of these endorsement levels is very simple. If you are ranked at 1, you are likely a toxic player and not pleasant to deal with. Meanwhile, those who are Rank 5 are likely the cream of the crop, radiating positivity and teamwork throughout their competitive games. However, how do you raise your endorsement level?

Overwatch 2: Endorsement level system – Explained, and how to raise it

After each game, you can choose to endorse a player who was particularly kind, helpful, or skilled. To do this, after a game hit the ‘N key’ on your keyboard. From here, you will have two endorsements you can pass on to your favorite teammates. You used to be able to endorse an enemy, but this feature was taken out. Endorsing a teammate will contribute to their progress.

If you get enough endorsements, your endorsement level will go up, and so will your rewards. You’re more likely to get endorsements by being friendly, calling shots and strategizing, or performing well in-game. In the original Overwatch, you would earn some loot boxes. But now, you’ll get Battle Pass XP instead.

Overwatch Endorsement System

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Your endorsement level can fluctuate

Your endorsement level can also decay, and for a variety of reasons. One cause of decay is based on games played during a timeframe. If you do not receive enough endorsements over a period of time, your level will go down. You will need to earn more endorsements to raise your level back up to where you want. Your endorsement level might also go down if you leave games or receive enough negative reports in a short succession.

You can check your current endorsement level by going to your career profile. Your endorsement level should be listed right next to your name and player level. Endorsement levels are not a complete indication of whether a player is toxic or positive, especially as the decay is quite harsh. However, considering the new Battle Pass, it’s good incentive to keep your next toxic comment to yourself. Positive players are rewarded with this new system, while negative and toxic players won’t get the same rewards.

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