Magicka The Other Side of the Coin (1)

Strategy experts Paradox have launched their own web-based store, dubbed the Paradox Webshop, through which to sell a variety of their published titles. At present, hits like Magicka (pictured), Crusader Kings 2 and War of the Roses are available through the service, but the company plans to expand this selection to include all of its games. Right now, the versions offered all seem to register on Steam.

To coincide with the new shop, “several selections” in it are 55% off for a limited period.

Paradox is also celebrating 500,000 forum subscribers by awarding five random forum-goers with every single current and future Paradox title. All subscribers should look out for “a little something” in their inbox too.

“Our sincere thanks to all 500,000 of you loyal lunatics,” says CEO Fredrik Wester.


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