Paradox Interactive has revealed that the mysterious ‘project postman’ is the Fatshark-developed War of the Roses.
Despite an announcement cinematic (below) and a couple of screenshots, the visuals don’t really say much about the game. Luckily, we have words to do that job. War of the Roses is said to be a “team-based multiplayer melee combat experience”, although one that also has “a deep single-player campaign”.
As Fatshark was behind the team-based, western themed Lead & Gold, we can perhaps expect something along those lines; except in 15th century England with swords, battleaxes and longbows.
A decent third-person melee combat game would be welcome, especially one that allows you to overthrow treasonous Lancastrians as a righteous Yorkist (I’m not biased, honest).
Expect War of the Roses (shouldn’t that be ‘Wars’?) on the PC in 2012.

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