Paragon servers now back online but you’ll have to queue

Paragon servers now back online but you’ll have to queue

After a whole day of downtime, the Paragon servers have now been pushed live. Epic is playing it cautiously though.

The Paragon servers came back online around 1:45AM GMT (9 August) after extensive work throughout the day by the Epic technical team. Epic has reintroduced the queueing system that was in place prior to the servers going down to ease players back onto the servers.

The final update from Epic reads:

We’re back online, throttling players to monitor load. My apologies for the long wait and potentially bumpy ride ahead while we continue to monitor and investigate issues!

We attempted to login as soon as the servers went back online but the wait time is around three and half hours.  It sounds like Epic may speed up the login process if the system is deemed stable enough but expect to be waiting for a while.

If anyone has been waiting up for the servers to come back online, we suggest you leave it tonight and try tomorrow.

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