A new patch for Epic’s MOBA Paragon has just landed bringing new goodies for players.

There’s no new heroes this time but there are new cards which are just as important. There’s ten new cards added to the pool today and also a new Weekly Card Pack.

Along with the new cards, there are some hero tweaks, especially to the most recent addition GRIM.exe. No real balance changes in this Paragon update, it’s mainly focusing on bugs. The patch notes are as follows.

Paragon v25.1 patch Notes


Weekly Card Pack

  • Assassin’s Ward
  • Spiked Boneplate
  • Health Token
  • 10 New Cards Available:
    • Beastmaster’s Key – Rare Passive, Universal. Cost: 3.
      • 3s Harvester Placement Time
      • 100 Health
      • Unique Passive: Harvester Key, charges referesh at base.
      • Unique Passive: +50% Damage Bonus to jungle minions.
    • Font of Rapture – Rare Passive, Order. Cost: 5.
      • 1.4 Health Regen
      • 0.3 Mana Regen
      • 4% Crit Chance
      • Unique Passive: Lifesteal will overheal, granting a Shield that absorbs damage up to 10% of Max Health for 3 seconds.
      • KNOWN ISSUE: Font of Rapture has an incorrectly listed Unique Passive in the tooltip. It currently lists Health Regen in the Unique Passive rather than Lifesteal.
    • Tempus Pearl – Rare Active, Order. Cost: 6
      • 7.6 Energy Damage
      • 22 Energy Armor
      • Unique Active: Grants +200% Max Movement Speed to nearby Allies for 6 seconds. (Cooldown: 120s)
    • Cast Converter – Rare Active, Intellect. Cost 6.
      • 75 Mana
      • 2.5% Cooldown Reduction
      • Unique Active: Consume 100 Mana to convert 3x your Mana Regen to Health Regen for 10 seconds. (Cooldown: 15s)
    • Blood Catalyst – Rare Active, Intellect. Cost 6.
      • 75 Mana
      • 100 Health
      • Unique Active: Consume 10% of current Health and convert 1/3 of your Health Regen to Mana Regen for 10 seconds. (Cooldown 15s)
    • Hydroverser – Rare Passive, Intellect. Cost 8.
      • 0.3 Mana Regen
      • 100 Health
      • Unique Passive: Gain Energy Damage equal to 5% of current Mana.
    • Marrow-Fangs – Rare Passive, Corruption. Cost 4.
      • 4 Lifesteal
      • 16 Physical Pen
      • Unique Passive: While Bleeding, on hit with basic attack, steal 66 Physical Armor from target(s).
    • Stalker’s Key – Rare Passive, Corruption. Cost 3.
      • 3s Harvester placement time.
      • 4 Lifesteal
      • Unique Passive: Harvester Key, charges refresh at base.
      • Unique Passive: +50% Damage Bonus to jungle minions.
    • Stinger Boost – Rare Passive, Fury. Cost 3.
      • 75 Mana
      • Unique Passive: While carrying Blue Buff, +19.5 Attack Speed.
    • Bump Juice – Rare Active, Fury. Cost 1
      • Unique Active: Instantly restore +85 Health upon use. Charges refresh at base. (Cooldown 15s) (Charges 2).



  • Fixed an issue where G.T.F.O. was being stopped by various character’s abilities. The ability will no longer be stopped by anything except an enemy Hero.
  • Animations for loading in, respawning, and recalls are now active.
  • In Solo vs. AI, GRIM.exe bots now correctly picks an energy-based deck.
  • Fixed a bug where GRIM.exe was twinkling on Shadow Pads.

Feng mao

  • In Co-op vs. AI and Solo vs. AI bots now correctly deal damage with the Earth Shatter ability.


  • Fixed a bug where Reversal of Fortune abilitiy was not granting shielded allies bonus Health Regen.


  • Red FX on Prime Orb carrier has been fixed to match the smoke color.
  • Fixed a bug in replays where health bar colors were reversed on the PS4.
  • Fix for a bug which would allow Heroes to become stuck inside each other’s meshes.
  • Fixed a bug for being unable to select certain filters when viewing Decks.
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