Grinding Gear Games will be hosting the first Path of Exile PvP Invitational this weekend, and have also revealed plans for PvP Season Two.

    Path of Exile is primarily an online action RPG similar to Diablo, as contrast to an MMO. The game enjoys a healthy fanbase thanks to its ethical (cosmetic) microtransactions model.

    They shared these dates for the invitational, to be livestreamed at their official Twitch channel here.

    European PvP Season One Invitational
    Saturday, January 17 at 10am PST/7pm CET/Sunday at 7am NZST

    American PvP Season One Invitational
    Sunday, January 18 at 5pm PST/Monday at 2am CET/2pm NZST

    PvP Season Two begins early February, with more details coming in the future. You can learn more about the invitational here.

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