Path of Exile: Heist preview — Everything you need to know

Path Of Exile Heist Preview Skills Uniques Grand Heist

Path of Exile‘s next expansion, Heist, puts you in a high-stakes scenario where you’ll need to steal artifacts at the risk getting trounced by deadly guards. Along the way, you’ll enlist the service of rogues, NPC companions who can help you throughout the daring operation. The expansion will also have numerous new unique items, replica unique items/replicas, alternate quality gems, and skills such as Flame Wall and Splitting Steel.

Here’s our Path of Exile: Heist in-depth preview. Just click on the pages below for the info that you’d like to know more about:

I. Path of Exile: Heist – The Rogue Harbor, rogues, mechanics, and the Grand Heist

II. The rewards – Replica unique items, experimented base types, alternate quality gems, heist trinkets, and more

III. The new and reworked skills – Flame Wall, Impending Doom, Splitting Steel, Void Sphere, and the Corpsewalker unique item

Note: All other videos in the article other than the official trailer are from a preview build. These may change accordingly as we get closer to Path of Exile: Heist‘s launch on September 18.

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