September 5th, 2017

Pathologic Kickstarter ends in 22 hours

pathologic (3)
I wouldn’t trust him, if I were you.

Public service announcement: if you want to get in on the (successful) Pathologic Kickstarter, you’ve got 22 hours to do so.

The Kickstarter asked for $250,000 USD and is currently sat at around $305k, so it’s already achieved its first stretch goal – an expansion of the town itself, with more stuff to do and more hidden nooks and crannies to find. The next stretch goal, at $350k, will expand the game outwards a little bit, letting players explore some of the Steppe.

Pathologic is Ice Pick Lodge’s remake of their original 2005 game, with significant improvements over the shonky state of the original. It casts you as one of three healers investigating an eerie and surreal town that’s being ravaged by a plague – but to find the origins of the Sand Plague and to find a cure, you’re going to have to deal with everything from bandits to the simple needs of food and sleep. And then, of course, there’s the plague itself. You’ll likely have to commit some horrific acts to find a cure, and trying to selflessly help everybody won’t do much good if you wind up contracting the disease yourself. As such, freeform exploration and decisions are going to matter.

You can head on over to the Pathologic Kickstarter to see more or to back it. 22 hours to go.

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