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More DLC for Payday 2 today, with a playable female crew member and a diamond heist to take her on.

The Clover Character Pack ($4.99) gives you access to Clover, the first female member of the Payday 2 crew. Purchasing her for play also nets you access to the Queen’s Wrath Assault Rifle (and its mods), a Shillelagh melee weapon, a mask, and a new perk deck called Burglar, focused on breaking and entering.

The Diamond Heist DLC ($6.99) gives you a brand new heist to play through, focused on stealing the world’s most famous diamond from a heavily guarded museum. It offers pre-planning so that you can get everything ready in advance, plus four new masks, materials, and patterns based on “historical figures and myths of old.” Which could honestly be everything from Patton to Poseidon, because that’s really not very specific.

If you don’t already have Payday 2, then Starbreeze have announced a triple-pack of game bundles coming on Friday. The Payday 2 Heist Pack Bundle will cost $24.99 (and will presumably include all of the DLC heists), the Payday 2 Gage Weapon Pack Bundle will cost $29.99 (and will presumably include all of the DLC weapons), and the Payday 2 Game of the Year Bundle will cost $79.99 (and will presumably include everything). Each bundle will also have a unique maskĀ  associated with it.

You can see some screens and art of both Clover and the Diamond Heist below.

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