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Ladies and gentlemen, you have 24 hours to pull off one of the most straightforward Payday heists in history. The location is a familiar one; Steam. You may know it as a massive distribution warehouse owned by the notorious Gabe “Gaben” Newell to spread his addictive “product” throughout the world.

If you’re able to defeat the security measures by “having an account” and “logging in” to this digital storefront, you’ll find a free copy of the original Payday: The Heist waiting inside. You have one day, and one day only, to add this game to your library for free with no legal repercussions.

Your fixer isn’t quite sure precisely when the “24 hours” clock started counting down, so get in fast if you have any interest in this job. The Payday item is said to not be quite as engaging as its sequel, but will allow you to see where the whole co-operative clown mask wearing series began.

Unlike the Steam free weekend detailed yesterday, where you play the games for a limited free time period, Payday will be playable for free forever once you attach a copy to your account.

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