February 2019 Pc Games Release Dates Anthem, Far Cry New Dawn, Metro Exodus, Civilization Vi Gathering Storm, Ace Combat 7

February 2019 PC Game Releases; Anthem, Astroneer And Far Cry New Dawn Enter New Worlds

As we enter February 2019, we’ve got loads of action to look forward to. We’ve got the return of the Ace Combat franchise on Steam with Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. You can also take to the skies in the online shared-world shooter that is Anthem. Remakes also take center stage with Yakuza Kiwami and Steins;Gate Elite. You can explore massive worlds in Far Cry New Dawn and Metro Exodus, or save the world yourself in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm.

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We’ve outlined all of the above and everything else that you can expect this February 2019. Of course, if you’d like to look further ahead, feel free to check out our updated PC games release date list for the entire year onwards.

March 2019 Pc Game Releases Ace Combat 7

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (Project Aces): February 1

The Unreal Engine 4 powered entry in the Ace Combat series.

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Wargroove (Chucklefish): February 1

Wargroove features retro-style graphics and battles in the vein of Advance Wars. Up to four players can duke it out and there’s even cross-platform support for PCs, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch.

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Astroneer (System Era Softworks): February 6

Explore planets and build bases, with four-player co-op allowed; leaves Steam Early Access this February.

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God Eater 3 (Shift; Bandai Namco): February 8

Take out the monstrous Arigami in this third installment of the hack-and-slash, action-adventure franchise.

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Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 2 (Milestone s.r.l.)

Build your following, meet new sponsors, and upgrade your bike in this racing game sequel.

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Tannenberg (Blackmill Games, M2H): February 13

From the makers of Verdun, it’s a World War I shooter set in the Eastern Front.

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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm (Firaxis): February 14

Fight your greatest foes, or unite together to save the world from Climate Change and other natural disasters, with new Civs, units, and wonders in store.

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Far Cry: New Dawn (Ubisoft): February 15

No matter how things ended in Far Cry 5, a nuclear holocaust still devastated Hope County, Montana. 17 years later after the devastation, your goal will be to fight back and retake the city.

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Metro Exodus (4A Games): February 15

Artyom is the protagonist once more, and the game has the survivors fleeing the ruins of the Moscow Metro in “an epic, continent-spanning journey.”

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Crackdown 3 (Reagent Games): February 15

Crackdown 3 has been delayed time and again, but good things come to those who wait. It’ll finally release in mid-February 2019.

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Jump Force (Spike Chunsoft; Bandai Namco) – February 15

Choose your favorite anime combatants like Naruto, Goku, and Monkey D. Luffy in this anime fighting game extravaganza.

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Yakuza Kiwami (Sega): February 19

Yakuza Kiwami’s PC version is a remaster of a remaster — the first game in the Yakuza franchise, albeit with a slew of improvements. The release date was all but confirmed due to a GIF on the game’s store page.

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Steins; Gate Elite (MAGES Inc, Spike Chunsoft): February 19

A return to the world of the STEINS; GATE anime.

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Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption (Dark Star Game Studios): February 19 (Steam)

Boss-rush action RPG title (Dark Souls, not Diablo) where you have to level down before each encounter. The game was originally released as part of the First on Discord program last October.

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Anthem (EA) – February 22

Welcome another entry to the shared-world sci-fi shooter genre in the vein of Destiny. Will EA’s entry finally dethrone Bungie’s Guardians?

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Dirt Rally 2.0 (Codemasters): February 26

Off-road racing goodness with over 50 vehicles and multiple official tracks.

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Trials Rising (Ubisoft): February 26

Spin, leap and get some hang time on your bike.

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Ape Out (Gabe Cuzillo; Devolver Digital): February 28

Turn your captors into human shields, or just smash them at walls in your action-packed escape.

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Fimbul (Zaxis): February 28

A single-player comic book game where you play as a berserker in the last winter before Ragnarok, the end of the world.

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All release dates listed are for North America.

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