PC Invasion Readers’ PC Game Awards 2017 – Vote Now!

PC Invasion Readers’ PC Game Awards 2017 – Vote Now!

It’s time, once again, for the annual PC Invasion Readers’ PC Game Awards 2017. Every year, we hand over voting on our categorised awards to the readership. The shortlists are up to us though, so after much deliberation and refinement of our entirely arbitrary rules, we have come up with this year’s selections. You can see each of the categories below, and now it’s up to you to make the final decisions so we can crown this year’s winners.

Polls are now CLOSED, and all winners have been announced.

If you feel very strongly about something that’s missing from a category, you can do a ‘write in’ vote in the comments. Please note: Games that were not fully released (still in Early Access/Beta) during the nomination period were not eligible for inclusion.

It’s also worth noting that these votes count because the winners are added to our definitive list of Best 2017 PC Games which will include our own choices.


Update: PC Invasion Readers’ PC Game Awards 2017 winners were revealed on 13 December 2017.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Freeman4096

      this was pretty bad year.

      • Marvoch

        Come on, something good came out of it, didn’t it? That’s the important thing.

    • Executr

      Age of Empires: Definitive Edition was delayed for next year. Might wanna review the Best PC Remaster category.

      • Paul Younger

        Yep, that was not supposed to be on the list and is removed.

    • Elly Davis

      PC exclusive for 2017 were really thin on the ground.

    • DrearierSpider

      Hollow Knight is an inexcusable miss, should’ve been in at least one of these.

    • vander

      Shouldn’t we wait until end of the year so the games released this month would get a change to be “the best of 2017” instead of showing developers middle finger? Why only only a tiny subset of PC games and prejudiced choices?

      • Paul Younger

        Anything that comes out post awards launch would be listed in the next year’s and game releases are slowing down massively in December, We spend a lot of time discussing what should make the cut for the list and with so many games coming out these days it would be impossible to include everything.

        • vander

          Good to hear games released this month are still taken in account later but could it be better just have this kind of voting for example in February? PC is still “the indie platform” and lots of games are still getting release this month. I think it would be great to keep all games in same line what comes to this kind of awards.

          There could be an input box for freely written game name so everyone could give their votes. For example in my case there are no games listed I found “the best” so I couldn’t make a vote.

          • Paul Younger

            If there are enough write-ins for a particular title in the comments it will be included and tallied up.

    • cragthehack

      LOL. Star Citizen… hahahaha. I loved that you guys listed it 4 times.

    • Leon Price

      Those VR options are crappy tech demos, VR Chat is where its at

      • Paul Younger

        In that case what you are saying is all VR games are crap? How odd.

        • Simon Phillips

          They are all crap. Until Star Citizen goes VR! 😉

          • pcinvasion


          • vander

            We have to wait VR support for some time but in general it would be great if we would get more games like Star Citizen for PC; enormous, ambitious and amazing :). Unfortunately it feels like we get more and more games designed for consoles and ported later for PC.

            Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 PTU is already more impressive what we have had on PC for a long long time and it is just getting better. Kind of sad situation that we have to rely on crowdfunding but in the same time it is very nice we have a method to get all these great games since publishers are not interested about them these days.

            • Paul Younger

              VR is not coming to SC for years. I think they have more pressing issues to address first,

              • vander

                Yeah, I agree that VR is not urgent at this point although I wouldn’t be surprised if they have some implementation already in some branch.

                Alpha 3.0 PTU has done some decent progress in a short amount of time. PTU-678451 has gave the best experience by far. Hours of gamepay without major issues.

                Testing Alpha 3.0 PTU has already provided many really fun and intense gameplay moments; finished a mission in Daymar included a small FPS fight – took direction to Delamar and got ambushed by some player who was hiding behind an asteroid – won the dogfight and landed to Levski to meet Miles Eckhart. There has been no game I have played which could have provided this kind of gameplay before.

              • Paul Younger

                I think VR was dropped off the to-do list a long time ago. Roberts raved about how it was going to being in the game with that silly gif of him playing it in an Oculus Rift which got everyone all hyped up. There’s been nothing since and I doubt we’ll hear of it again.

                It’s good to hear it’s 3.0 is getting better but if you seriously need to play more games if you have never had an experience like that before in a game 🙂

              • vander

                Well, we have to wait and see. As you said they have much more important things to do at the moment so VR is most likely very low in priority list. Just like in software development in general it is for certain that they have lots of features in their development branches they have not shown or talked about yet.

                I don’t think any of the games could have provided moments I have experienced during Alpha 3.0 PTU testing. Like the small unexpected “adventure” I described couldn’t have happened with any modern space game I own; E:D, Space Engineers, Hellion, etc. Single player games are out of question of course because of their scripted and very restricted nature. Maybe you could give me some names I should give a try to get similar gameplay moments like in Star Citizen …