Pentiment How To Solve Volvelle Puzzle Guide Brother Ferenc Zodiac Signs Gerhard's Grave
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The townsfolk and clergymen of Pentiment have many secrets that they hold dear. One, in particular, might have something to do with the occult, leading you down a particular path that lets you accuse someone of murder. Here’s our Pentiment Volvelle Puzzle guide to help you with Brother Ferenc, the Zodiac Signs Cypher, and Gerhard’s Grave.

Note: For more information, check out our Pentiment guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.


Pentiment Volvelle Puzzle guide – Brother Ferenc, Zodiac Signs Cypher, and Gerhard’s Grave

Finding the Volvelle Puzzle

The Volvelle Puzzle in Pentiment is a somewhat hidden objective in Pentiment, given that you’re not required to solve it as part of the story. Rather, there are specific actions that you need to do:

  • Optional: Heavens and Earth background – Andreas can select various character backgrounds to open up additional dialogue options. One is called Heavens and Earth, which can be picked when you’re talking to the Baron in the meadows. This will make the entire process a lot easier.
  • Brother Ferenc’s Book – This occurs during the first day in the Scriptorum. After a chat with the priests, Brother Ferenc will return inside the building (seen in the featured image), though he won’t notice Andreas. For now, help out Sister Illuminata by collecting the nearby books. Then, check the pulpit to investigate the book that Ferenc left behind.
    • With the Heavens and Earth background, Andreas will notice that the book is about zodiac signs (i.e., the symbols are seen along the margin of the page).
    • Andreas doesn’t know what to do with the information yet since a cypher is missing.
  • The Volvelle Puzzle – That cypher is none other than the Volvelle Puzzle, which you can find in the Prior’s House next to the Scriptorum building. If you can’t enter it or interact with the object immediately, then you might need to wait until Vespers (i.e., evening).
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The meanings of the Zodiac Signs

There are a few methods to decipher the Volvelle Puzzle’s symbols:

  • Werner Stolz (after the murder) – Werner can be found in the northern section of the town. After the first murder has occurred and Andreas is investigating the matter, you can talk to him about your findings.
  • Abbey Library (after the murder) – The library is off-limits. However, there’s a secret entrance that’s only accessible at night. Go to the crypt and interact with the relief of the Baby Jesus and Mary to reveal a staircase. Once you’ve reached the library, you can check the books here for the clues. Likewise, depending on your choices, you can have a tryst with Sister Illuminata. Do take note that this will cause an automatic time skip, which can be problematic if you’re trying to talk to all the suspects.
  • Heavens and Earth background (anytime) – Still, if you chose the Heavens and Earth background, you can pick the dialogue options when they pop up. This will cause Andreas to automatically decipher the meanings of the symbols. Technically, you can solve the whole thing before the murder occurs.
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Volvelle Puzzle solution

To solve the Volvelle Puzzle in Pentiment, you’ll want to look at the interface:

  • Bottom-left: Hidden code – There are zodiac signs and Greek letters with blanks underneath each one. Basically, you need to fill in the blanks with the correct letters depending on the signs.
  • Top-left: Elements and zodiac signs – Each zodiac sign corresponds to a particular element (i.e., Fire is denoted as having a triangle pointing up).
  • Right: Volvelle – You can rotate the Volvelle by pressing the “Z” or “C” keys. The goal is to set it so that the relevant zodiac sign’s element is at the top.
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Here are some examples:

  • First letter: Libra (♎︎) / Omega (ω) – Since Libra is an Air sign, the Air segment of the Volvelle has to be at the top. If you press the spacebar, you’ll get the letter “H.”
  • Second letter: Capricorn (3) / Sigma (σ) – Capricorn is an Earth sign, which means the Earth segment of the Volvelle has to be at the top. If you press the spacebar, you’ll get the letter “I.”

Continue until you complete the task. This will reveal a clue: “HIGERHARD.” Andreas will realize that it means: “Here Lies Gerhard.”

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Gerhard’s Grave

Now that you’ve solved the Volvelle Puzzle in Pentiment, you’ll obtain the “Like a Record, Baby” achievement. Next, you’ll need to find Gerhard’s Grave. From the Scriptorum/Prior’s House, just go south to reach the Cemetery. Brother Gerhard’s Grave is at the right-hand side of this area. If you did the puzzle before the murder occurs, Andreas won’t find anything important. But, by the next day, he’ll notice that the place of rest has been disturbed. You’re given three options:

  • Get Father Gernot’s permission.
  • Have Brother Volkbert lend you a hand.
  • Ask Otto to help you – This was my choice. Just head back to town when you’re allowed to and talk to Otto. While he’s digging the grave, check the other tombstones for inscriptions. Eventually, he’ll be done with his task.

Whatever the case may be, you’ll unearth a rod, a disc, and a sacrificial knife, occult items that belong to Brother Ferenc. By discovering these objects and other clues, you’ll have a lot of evidence to pin the Baron’s murder on Brother Ferenc if you wish.

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Pentiment is available via Steam.

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