Lustful Snake weakness guide Persona 3 Reload
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Persona 3 Reload: Lustful Snake weakness

This pesky fellow is tough to deal with

One of the most frustrating enemies in Persona 3 Reload is the Lustful Snake, which focuses on debuffing your party members. This guide will help you defeat it as it will discuss the Lustful Snake’s weakness in Persona 3 Reload.

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Lustful snake weakness in Persona 3 Reload

The Lustful Snake becomes a common enemy as you reach the higher floors of Tartarus (around floor 60), so it’s essential to know how to knock it down by focusing on its weakness. The Lustful Snake is weak to Ice attacks in Persona 3 Reload.

Remember, once you hit an enemy with their weakness one time in Persona 3 Reload, it is stored in your analysis section during combat. This means you don’t have to remember the weakness and can instead press the Assist button to jump to an Ice attack instantly.

I highly recommend you keep Mitsuri in your party as you progress to higher levels of Tartarus due to the Lustful Snake appearing more often. Mitsuri’s Persona focuses on Ice attacks, meaning that if she is in your party, you will always be able to down a Lustful Snake for an all-out attack.

Lustful Snake stats and debuffs

The Lustful Snake is a pain in Persona 3 Reload mainly due to its ability to cast Sexy Dance upon your party members. Sexy Dance will charm your party, leading them to attack allies or heal the enemy. Being charmed can cause an easy fight to turn into an incredibly frustrating and difficult one.

Below are the important facts/stats you should know about Lustful Snake in Persona 3 Reload.

  • Weakness: Ice
  • Resist: None
  • Repel: None
  • Null: None
  • Debuff: Sexy Dance (Charm)

Don’t worry too much if you get inflicted by Sexy Dance, as we have ways to deal with it in the following section.

How to cure Sexy Dance and Charm in Persona 3 Reload

You can cure the Charm status effect in Persona 3 Reload in numerous ways. The primary way is through specific Persona spells such as Amrita Shower, Chardi, and Patra. Amrita Shower will cure the whole party, while Chardi and Amrita will cure one ally.

Another way to cure the Charm status effect is by using the Dis-charm item. I had the best luck finding Dis-charm from destructibles around Tarturus, so make sure you always break them to collect as many debuff-curing items as possible. Breaking destructibles in Tartarus is also a good way to get Twilight Fragmets, so that’s a bonus.

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