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A little way into Persona 5 Strikers, Joker will be given his most dangerous task yet: cooking. As with Persona 5, he can make curry and coffee to restore the HP and SP of his allies in the Metaverse. However, as he’s a genius chef, he can also pull an Ignis from Final Fantasy XV and come up with a new recipe by simply tasting the local delicacies from around Japan.

The Master Chef bond skill may be required to make some of these; I’m not 100% certain because I leveled it up very quickly. Sorry.


The easy way to find the cooking recipes in Persona 5 Strikers is, basically, to check every shop and talk to everyone in every region you visit. Supposedly, most that you miss will show up in Sophia’s shop. However, any tied to a location-limited Request probably won’t, so for safety’s sake you might want to check the list below. For your ease, they’re ordered by when you can acquire them, with two locked off until the post-game.

Please note that location names are freely given with the exception of the final dungeon, so if you don’t want to know which regions the Phantom Thieves are going to visit, be careful reading on. But hey! At least you don’t need to worry about me spoiling the final dungeon for you.

Persona 5 Strikers recipe list

Persona 5 Strikers Cooking

Gyutan: Sendai — Gyutan Shop (Sendai Station, east of the Mt. Aoba Park entrance)
Salmon Bowl: Sendai — Cafe Blue (Southwest of the RV parking spot)
Seafood Bowl: Sapporo — Seafood Bowl Shop (East end of North Suzushino)
Miso Ramen: Sapporo — Ramen Alley (Along the eastern road in the Suzushino area)
Jingusikan: 11th August, talk to Ann
Kyoto Curry: Story progression on 14th August
Goat Soup: Okinawa — Fukuhara Bento store
Okinawa Soba: Okinawa — The drink stand in the Beach area
Goya Chanpuru: Okinawa — Talk to Futaba after finishing the Jail on 18th August
Crab Hot Pot: Osaka — Dotonbori Crab Restaurant
Osaka Sushi: Osaka — Sushi restaurant to the far west of the Dotonbori shopping street
Okonomiyaka: Osaka — Okonomiyaki shop in Shinsekai
Kushikatsu: Osaka — Talk to Yusuke in Shinsekai on 24th August before entering the Jail
Obanzai: Osaka — Follow the “Cooking Papa” Request, and do all related Requests
Churrasco: Reward from the “Employee Course Correction” Request
Master Curry: Post-game — Reward from the “A Thief’s Special Challenge” Request
Master Coffee: Post-game — Reward from the Request to find the hidden Desire in the final dungeon

Persona 5 Strikers Cooking 2

And that should be the lot. As one final tidbit of advice, those final two Strikers cooking recipes both require coffee beans as ingredients, which are very rarely on sale on Sophia’s shop. As such, if you want to cook literally every recipe, you might want to hang onto some of those rather than using every single ingredient you have prior to taking on the final boss.

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