Petroglyph demonstrate Victory gameplay with new video

As you’ll probably know if you’ve read our interview this week, Petroglyph has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its arena/RTS-style title, Victory. Words are all very well when discussing a game, but actual footage can be a quick, simple way to get across what the title is all about.

As a result, the team has uploaded a 10 minute narrated playthrough of one of the Victory maps, full of explanations about victory conditions, tactics, how the game plays and all that helpful informative stuff you’d expect to find. It’s early, alpha footage, but does give a decent impression of what the developers are going for.

You can watch that here, in a recent update post.

In addition, Petroglyph have put up a detailed breakdown of how ‘companies’ (essentially the organisation of your in-game units) will work. You can read that one by heading here.

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