Organize your bag in Backpack Hero, a deck-building roguelike available on Switch

Backpack Hero Deck Building Roguelike Switch
Screenshot: Jaspel

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for inventory management to be a central game feature? Well, in Backpack Hero, you must organize your bag in specific ways in this deck-building roguelike on the Nintendo Switch.

In the latest Indie World Showcase on November 14, Nintendo announced Backpack Hero by developer Jaspel. While it was previously released on Steam, it’s now arriving on the Nintendo Switch.

Become a master backpack organizer in the deck-building roguelike Backpack Hero for the Switch

Unlike anything I’ve seen before in a game, managing the way you store items in your backpack Resident Evil 4-style is the primary game mechanic in Backpack Hero. Not only do you have to manage how many items you hold, but where they’re exactly placed inside your bag as well.

Backpack Hero Deck Building Roguelike Switch Combat
Screenshot: Jaspel

After watching the quirky trailer from the Indie World Showcase, you’ll better understand what makes this game so unique. Your goal is to place items inside your backpack in the correct spots to increase their power. You’ll also be exploring caves, dungeons, swamps, and other interesting locations.

In Story Mode, you can transform and rebuild your hometown of Haversack Hill. You’re not only organizing your bag but also your village. I like the idea that you can come to your town to buy and sell items, do some research, and unlock quests before you embark on your roguelike adventure.

Backpack Hero Deck Building Roguelike Switch Village
Screenshot: Jaspel

Oh, and you can play as a little mouse, alongside other types of rodent heroes! Although their bag looks way too big for them to carry, they still manage to hold a distinct amount of items in that bag. You can collect over 800 items with unique abilities. Using the power of inventory management, you’ll battle hundreds of enemies by learning their attack patterns.

The best part about all this is the fact that it’s already available on the Nintendo Switch, so you can start playing it immediately. Check out Backpack Hero on the Nintendo eShop.

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