Phanteks Evolv Shift Xt Pc Case Desktop Itx Ces 2022

CES 2022 is underway, and Phanteks used the spotlight to show off several new cases that will be made available later this year. The Evolv Shift XT mini-ITX case looks like the most exciting of the bunch from Phanteks, and that’s because of its modifiable form factor. So what makes it special? The Evolv Shift XT isn’t a one-size-fits-all PC desktop case. Phanteks gives you the power to modify its volumetric space so you can make your PC just the right size for your build, and potential future builds.

The Phanteks Evolv Shift XT case features three different size configurations that allow triple slot graphics cards up to 325mm to fit inside of it. The included riser cable allows you to vertically mount the GPU, where it then has access to a fresh supply of cool air through the side of the case.


For the CPU, you’re best bet will probably be to go with a 240mm CLC cooler. However, one of the product pages shows that a medium-sized air cooler should work fine is this build as well. Phanteks didn’t provide too many specifics about dimensions, but expandable compartments suggest a lower likelihood of running into hangups while building. Well, aside from maybe needing to adjust the height profile.

A sporty showpiece

The Phanteks Evolv Shift XT looks like a really clean case that should impress on any desk. Several things to note about the build quality are the thick anodised aluminum plates, the infinity mirror that reveals hints of vertical RGB lighting underneath the front fascia, and the sturdy design to make building less stressful.

We’ve checked out Phanteks cases before, and generally have positive things to say. The build and material quality is top notch. It shows Phanteks’ dedication to making quality cases among other products, and we have high expectations for the Evolv Shift XT.

No release date has been provided just yet, but this case is expected to launch sometime in February at a price of $169.99 USD. It will be available in black or satin finishes.

If you find this case interesting, you might also find HP’s new Omen lineup interesting. It features a chamber separate from the main body to separate heat via the liquid cooler to improve CPU and overall system cooling.

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