Pixowl, developers of smash hit The Sandbox, announced it was giving users the chance to support WeForest in-game, from the 24th of April for a month, with all proceeds going towards WeForest’s project in Madagascar.

With over 10 million downloads up to date and an active community of over 450,000 fans Pixowl aim to support WeForest through creating a special item in game. The Mangrove tree will be available to all players via the iOS version and every time a player uses mana to buy the tree Pixowl will make a donation. All money that is raised during the campaign will go towards restoring the local ecosystem in the Kalamboro region of Madagascar by alleviating poverty and planting trees to combat deforestation.

“World building games ignite the imagination,” said Arthur Madrid, CEO of Pixowl. “The Sandbox offers players the opportunity to create while playing, setting their minds free to come up with fantastical worlds. The Ecology campaign in this newest game update is raising awareness about natural disasters and man-made catastrophes. We wanted to add a meaning to the creation of virtual worlds and help rebuild a bit of the real world by partnering with WeForest.”

“We’re delighted to be working with Pixowl on their game The Sandbox to help raise funds and awareness for our ongoing conservation efforts in Madagascar” said Pascaline Haedrich, Director of Marketing & Communication at WeForest.

The campaign has been powered by Playmob, a London based Tech company specialising in charitable fundraising through games.

Using a simple but powerful 2D pixel blocks visual style and featuring a unique mission-based approach, The Sandbox challenges players to create elements and craft or destroy worlds. Players can choose to play as a benevolent deity that gives life to majestic mountains and beautiful forests, or they can be a vengeful deity by spawning raging fires and devastating explosions. As players complete each mission and advance, they create pixel art, set off chain reactions, develop chip-tune music, work advanced contraptions, design electric circuits and interact with the amazing world of physics. Once a new world has been created, players can share them in the online gallery.

The Sandbox game features include:

  • Over 160 elements to combine for different physic effects!
  • 15 exciting campaigns – a whopping 218 game levels in all!
  • Add an intelligent life-form to your worlds: Humans!
  • Change their behaviour using Magic Powders and turn them into a Miner, Builder, Hunter, Woodcutter, Zombies, Safari guys, Spacemen or even Robots!
  • Play with the controllable elements: Ninja, Avatar, Snake… and create your video game levels!
  • Cruise around in your sport car, transport elements with a truck, destroy the land with your tank… or ride throughout space in the Lunar Lander!
  • Recreate the Jurassic Period with dinosaurs and volcanoes! Protect your dinosaurs from extinction or recreate the BIG BANG and make them disappear!
  • Try our new Blueprints and add awesome real-life wonders to your worlds: the Eiffel Tower, Chichen Itza, the Pyramids, the Statue of Liberty – even a Crashed UFO!
  • Wreak havoc with powerful explosions with TNT or C4! Light up the sky with fireworks or the Galaxy Invaders!
  • Create amazing chain reactions with several sensor types, including liquid, light and temperature!
  • Craft worlds featuring unique Laser and discover their powers once combined with different gems!

The Sandbox is available for free on the Apple App Store.

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