Pokemon GO: Best Arlo counters October 2023

Pokemon GO: Best Arlo counters September 2023
Image: PC Invasion

Team Rocket leaders are a dangerous bunch in Pokemon Go, each with a fearsome roster of Pokemon. To make matters worse, these opponents don’t have the same team every time, so it’s hard to find the perfect counter. In Arlo’s case, he has a pool of powerful Pokemon to pick from, but we have the advantage as we know what they can be. Here are the best Arlo counters in Pokemon Go, October 2023.

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Pokemon GO: Best Arlo counters October 2023

Arlo is a tough customer, and even though we can’t predict what he uses every fight, he always picks from the same pool of Pokemon. This is what we’re up against:

1st Pokemon

  • Aipom (Normal)

2nd Pokemon

  • Alakazam (Psychic) 
  • Mismagius (Ghost)
  • Sharpedo (Dark/Water)

3rd Pokemon

  • Magnezone (Steel/Electric)
  • Scizor (Bug/Steel)
  • Snorlax (Normal)
Pokemon GO: Best Arlo counters September 2023

Image: PC Invasion

How to beat Aipom

Arlo’s first Pokemon will always be Aipom, so I strongly recommend front-loading your team with a Fighting type. As Aipom is Normal, it’s only weak to Fighting attacks. I used Infernape as its Fire/Fighting type makes it suitable against Aipom and a threat to each of Arlo’s final Pokemon. Other great choices include Terrakion and Machamp, but any of your best Fighting types will be fine. Just ensure your attacks are the Type you want before diving in.

How to beat Arlo’s 2nd Pokemon

After you’ve defeated Aipom, Arlo will pick either Alakazam, Mismagius, or Sharpedo. The problem is that no type is super effective against all three. Still, a Dark or Ghost type works wonders against Alakazam and Mismagius. Tyranitar is a solid choice and can take a lot of punishment while dishing out damage.

Sharpedo has a ton of counters and is weak to Bug, Electric, Fairy, Fighting, and Grass. You have a lot to pick from, and if your Fighting Pokemon from round one is still in good shape, it can put a dent in Sharpedo as well. 

How to beat Arlo’s final Pokemon

Fighting types are, once again, pretty decent against Arlo’s last Pokemon. You’ll be grateful to have one if he pulls out Snorlax, and they work well against Magnezone. The Infernape I mentioned earlier can flatten every Pokemon in Arlo’s final lineup if it still has enough HP. Snorlax is arguably the most threatening Pokemon that Arlo can bring out here, so I recommend focusing on countering that. 

You should be able to outlast Scizor even without type advantage, although a Fire type will make short work of it.

What happens if I lose against Arlo?

If Arlo defeats you, you’ll need to heal your squad, but you’ll also gain valuable intel. Arlo will use the same Pokemon in any rematches, so you can pick the perfect team for round 2. Arlo is a brute, but I know you can beat him, even if it takes a couple of tries! If you can’t get enough of Pokemon Go, check out our guide for future events you can participate in.

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