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Potion Permit: How to increase friendship levels with villagers

The real Potion Permit was the friends we met along the way.

The town of Moonbury in Potion Permit has dozens of residents. You can meet and have a chat with all of them if you wish. This also unlocks a few short scenes and sidequests. Here’s our Potion Permit guide to help you increase friendship levels with villagers via Moon Cloves.

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Potion Permit guide – How to increase friendship levels with villagers

Before you have some idle banter with citizens, make sure you have a positive standing with the entirety of Moonbury. You can ensure this by treating sick villagers as soon as possible. Failure to cure them would cause them to be moved to a different facility outside the town, which will make the locals feel that you’re untrustworthy as a doctor/chemist. And, much like the beginning of the campaign, they simply won’t be willing to talk to you.

In any case, as long as your reputation is positive, the people in town will be happy to have a conversation. These short chats give a slight boost to friendship levels (i.e., the green meter that appears above an NPC when you talk to them).

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However, the best way to increase your friendship levels with villagers in Potion Permit is by giving Moon Cloves as gifts. You don’t even need specific items for each NPC, as the Moon Cloves already act as a universal gift that can be handed to any of them. This adds roughly 40% progress to the friendship meter.

Note 1: Moon Cloves are rewarded whenever you successfully treat a villager’s ailment in the clinic.

Note 2: Friendship boosts by way of chatting and giving Moon Cloves can only trigger once per daily cycle.

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Once the meter is full, this will cause an NPC sidequest to pop up on the bulletin boards in town. Simply select them to add them to your quest panel. Most of these tasks simply involve heading to a location to watch a short scene, meet a particular character, provide a certain item, or hand over some regular materials. Finishing this task increases your friendship level with that NPC up to the next threshold, whereupon you can chat and give gifts once more to obtain boosts.

Note: Later on, it’s possible to romance certain characters, too. Simply check the villagers tab on the menu to see which characters are romanceable so you can focus on them whenever you need to socialize and mingle.

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Potion Permit is available via Steam.

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