Princess Peach Showtime features fun transformations and a release date

Princess Peach Showtime Features Fun Transformations And Release Date
Image: Nintendo

In the latest Nintendo Direct on September 14, Nintendo announced a recently-teased Mario game — this time, a Princess Peach-focused game. Princess Peach Showtime features fun transformations that change how Peach looks and plays, with a release date announcement revealed. Peach has her own exciting adventure as she saves a theater production.

Princess Peach Showtime release date and trailer revealed

Although in a recent Nintendo Direct, we saw a teaser for an unnamed Princess Peach title, we can now put a name to the game. This Peach-centered game has the Princess save the Sparkle Theater from the wicked Grape and the Sour Bunch. Similar to how Mario typically transforms into different forms that give him powers, Peach has some transformations of her own. One has her adorn fighting attire with a sword in hand, while another turns her into a sleuth for clue-finding.

Princess Peach Showtime Features Fun Transformations And Release Date Detective

Image: Nintendo

Throughout gameplay clips, we could see side-scrolling combat, mystery solving, timed minigames, and more interesting features. For now, we’re not sure how long each transformation lasts, or how many there are. From one of the final clips shown, we can see different rooms with icons above the doors, which makes it seem like there will be a hub world.

Perhaps each room you enter is a new level with a new transformation. What you’re doing all depends on which transformation Peach is in. If this title interests you, Princess Peach Showtime releases on March 22, 2024, on the Nintendo Switch. Preorders are now available through the eShop.

All transformations in Princess Peach Showtime

As much as the trailer we witnessed didn’t showcase every transformation coming to Princess Peach Showtime, we have a good look into some of the most interesting ones. Here are all the confirmed transformations coming to Princess Peach Showtime.

Princess Peach Showtime Features Fun Transformations And Release Date Swordfighter

Image: Nintendo

  • Swordfighter Peach: Fight enemies with fancy swordplay.
  • Detective Peach: Investigate mysteries with a Sherlock-like outfit and a magnifying glass.
  • Patisserie Peach: Adorn a chef’s outfit using an icing piping bag.
  • Kung-Fu Peach: Wear a martial arts outfit and fight enemies with kicks and punches.
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