Project Stealth (PC) - 05

In the best stealth game tradition, it’s very dark.

Having just sung the praises of asymmetric multiplayer in our interview about The Flock, it would be remiss of me to ignore Project Stealth. Like The Flock this project hails from the Netherlands, which is clearly where all the proposed asymmetric multiplayer action is happening these days.

Project Stealth is hoping to bring 2v2 stealth-based multiplayer to the PC, pitting a pair of somewhat vulnerable spies against the firepower of two mercenaries. If that sounds a bit like Splinter Cell’s spies vs mercs mode, it should, as that very thing is cited as an influence. Spy players will play in third-person for increased situational awareness, while mercenaries will go about their business in a more traditional first-person shooter type way.

The intention is to create a slow-paced, tense multiplayer game of hide and seek in which spies have to make careful use of the navigational skills and mercenaries have to nail down potential choke points in order to prevent the spy’s mission succeeding.

Project Stealth is hoping to raise 90,000 Euros on Kickstarter, and will make use of the Unreal 4 engine (hopefully without going nuts on the chromatic aberration.) The usual list of pledge rewards is present, from a copy of the game and beta access to a trip to the Netherlands to see the development team do their thing.

You can see a little more of Project Stealth in the video below, although it does have quite a distracting and silly voice-over. See if you can avoid giggling when the gruff mercenary man says “a new level of hide and seek.” There’s also more on the game’s Steam Greenlight page.

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