Prototype 2’s bestiary, in pictures

New York Zero is a rather dangerous place to be in Prototype 2, with almost an entire messed-up zoo of creatures roaming the streets. Here are a few of the beasties that James Heller will have to punch, kill or avoid if he wants to make it out alive.

Infected: Humans who haven’t quite been killed by the virus. Instead, their brains have gone a bit wrong and now they just want to party. And by party, I mean kill and consume any living organism.
Brawlers: Adorable puppies born from Blacklight ‘pustules’ (human sized wombs). These fellows can run quick, jump high and want to eat your flesh.
Flyers: Vulture-like creatures with a two metre wingspan. They favour a high-speed dive bomb and will swoop down on you from the air.

Hydras: Underground tentacle creatures that are just dying to embrace you. A gigantic mouth means they can burst from the ground and devour a tank if they feel like it.
Juggernauts: Slow moving, but with rock hard skin and massive fists with which to give you a firm handshake (or to pound you into the earth). Able to deflect almost any attack.
You’ll be able to meet up with all of these delightful new friends when Prototype 2 is released for Xbox 360 and PS3 on 24 April (July for the delayed PC version).