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PSA: You can change the rate of fire on the MG43 and Stalwart in Helldivers 2

New modes, new strategies.

There are a lot of features that Helldivers 2 does not tell you about unless you’re actively experimenting with the controls. One of them is being able to change the fire rate of certain weapons like the MG43 and Stalwart. This can change how you play, and make some weapons easier to use. 

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Helldivers 2: The fire rate of the MG43 and Stalwart can be changed

As you jump in the game for the first time, the tutorial explains that improving accuracy is by not moving or changing your stance by going in crouch or prone. There’s a way to avoid all this with only some minor compromises. If are using either the MG434 or Stalwart, you can change the fire rate and hold R on PC or Square on the PS5, you can lower the the rate of fire. For example, the MG43 has around 760 rounds per minute, by lowering it, you’d get 630 rounds per minute. This change can be quite drastic. 

Slowing down these weapons is great, but you will have to deal with minor negatives. If it’s a quicker weapon, running in and laying down suppressing fire is easier. If you change the fire rate, you kind of have to be farther away from the enemy. That distance can accommodate the speed. 

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Why would lowering the fire rate matter?

This can be for a few reasons. As mentioned, your accuracy can skyrocket if you have slower RPMs. This also makes the recoil of those weapons drop. Having a slower weapon can help take down even the hardened enemies like Devastors

If you’re having trouble spreading democracy during the Terminid Control System mission, the slowed-down mode can help land more shots. Conserving ammo is a golden rule of Helldivers 2, but so is making each shot count. This is probably the best way to do it once you get a feel for the various weapons.

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The PS5 is home to some great multiplayer games. If you’re having trouble finding one to play with friends, this guide should help get you started. 

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