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Questions and answers for Challenge to the Informant quiz in Like a Dragon Gaiden

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Like a Dragon: The Man Who Erased His Name has players explore Sotenbori, where they meet a quiz master who tests their intimacy with the region and offers prizes. Here is our guide listing the questions and answers for the Challenge to the Informant quiz in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

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Like a Dragon Gaiden – questions and answers for Challenge to the Informant quiz

As you begin completing various substories for the Akame Network, you’ll meet a few recurring characters who offer multiple objectives, one after another. The Quizzy Quester is one such character. You find him in a small upstairs office near Wild Jackson. The space is just south from Bishamon Bridge, on Sotenbori’s west side. Over the course of the campaign, the Quizzy Quester presents a total of six questions for his Challenge to the Informant quiz. To answer the questions on the first attempt, you’ll need to provide answers that show your familiarity with Sotenbori.

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Like A Dragon Gaiden Quizzy Quester First Question
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Whether you know the correct answer or not, you complete a Challenge to the Informant quiz just by choosing from the available options. However, you receive an additional 10,000 yen if you get the answer on the first attempt. The table below shows the questions he asks, along with their answers. I’ve listed them in the order they were presented to me.

What’s the shop in Sotenbori that sells okonomiyaki called?Hiratai
There’s a place in southeast Sotenbori called Ashitaba Park. If ya got a bird’s eye view of it, what shape would it be?A triangle
Above the entrance to Club SEGA, there’s a billboard of one o’ the seven lucky gods–the warrior-king Bishamonten. What’s he wearin’ on his head?A helmet
What type of onigiri is not sold at the three Poppo stores in Sotenbori?Plum
What’s the most expensive booze ya can drink here in Sotenbori?Black Champagne
There’s a certain karaoke bar in Shofukucho with a woman’s name. It’s called New… what?Momoko

You can’t simply answer everything all at once. As you answer questions, new ones come along periodically. Sometimes, you also have to advance through the campaign a bit. I only got around half of the answers right on my first attempt. There was no penalty I saw, other than missing out on some currency. However, it’s always better to go in with the right answer ready, isn’t it?

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