Release is finally in sight for Dark and Darker
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Release is finally in sight for Dark and Darker

Hold the Line

I can’t recall a title in recent memory that’s gone through development hell quite like Dark and Darker, an extraction-shooter-style game with a fantasy twist. Shortly before launch, the Nexon Corporation sued developer Ironmace Games for “misappropriation of trade secrets and copyright infringement.” These proceedings are still ongoing. Still, it seems that against all odds, there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel.

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Release is finally in sight for Dark and Darker

YouTuber Onepeg has been following the lawsuit closely and uploaded a video affirming Dark and Darker releases today. Onepeg has been in contact with the developers throughout the legal saga, and they have confirmed the release date.

The legal complications with Nexon mean that Dark and Darker is not purchasable through Steam. However, you can still buy the game from two outlets. The official Dark and Darker website is the obvious choice. At the time of writing, with so many players desperate to buy the game, the site has completely crashed. 

Release is finally in sight for Dark and Darker

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The other outlet is an indie marketplace called Chaf Games. It functions similarly to Steam, only on a much smaller scale. Onepeg has confirmed that it doesn’t matter what platform you purchase the game on, as the launcher is the same. Dark and Darker is a title that’s best enjoyed with friends, so this is reassuring.

Two different editions of Dark and Darker will be available on launch, the ‘standard’ and the ‘Founders: Hold the Line’ editions. Onepeg outlines the differences in his video, but the main additions for the Founders version are:

  • Pale White Skeleton Skin
  • ‘Hold the Line’ emote
  • Blue Torch Item Skin

Nobody knows for sure when or if Dark and Darker will return to Steam, as it likely hinges on the lawsuit outcome. For the time being, if you want to start Dark and Darker at the same time as other players, the options above are the best way to do it.


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