Everspace Review

Paul finally gets his hands on the finished game. Was it worth the wait? Have Rockfish delivered?

The Surge Review

Tim has powered his way through The Surge, but was it an electrifying experience, or does he recommend a surge protector?


Endless Space 2 Review

Even with Endless Space, all these eccentric clones and religious space vampires are struggling to live together. Peter tries to bring some 4X harmony.

Battlezone VR PC Review

Rebellion brings Battlezone VR to the PC but has it been worth the wait? Paul hops into a virtual tank to find out.

Prey Review

Arkane’s SYSTEM of development owes a lot to Looking Glass Studios, so it shouldn’t be a SHOCK to learn of Prey’s predominant heritage.


Outlast 2 Review

Tim has outlasted Outlast 2, with only a few psychological scars marring this review.

Dawn of War 3 Review

It may yet prove divisive, but Dawn of War 3 offers a whole lot more Waaagh! than MOBAaagh.


Stellaris Utopia DLC Review

New opportunities to roleplay Galactic-Henry VIII and reluctant Space Chancellor Thomas More, in Stellaris’ very own Utopia.

Thimbleweed Park Review

Tim takes a trip to Thimbleweed Park, and discovers an experience that feels a lot like coming home.

Rain World Review

Paul takes an adorable Slugcat on an predator-and-prey adventure in a brutal wasteland.

NieR: Automata Review

Tim tries to tell you why you should be interested in NieR: Automata without spoiling anything about NieR: Automata. Good luck with that.

VR Sports Review

Paul pulls on the Vive and attempts to get sporty in this new virtual sports game.

Future Unfolding Review

In which Peter says “it’s best to play this amazing game without much prior knowledge” across 900 words.

Torment: Tides of Numenera Review

PC Invasion update their journal with a review of inXile’s spiritual follow-up to Torment. Is the journey a memorable one?

Sniper Elite 4 Review

Having now shot hundreds – nay, thousands – of Nazis in their dangly bits, Tim is ready to decide if Sniper Elite 4 is as elite as its name claims.