Riftspawn Insult your Mum

Trion are hosting the biggest stress test for their new MMO RIFT this weekend.
In the emailed beta invites RIFT creators Trion said “Bring it. We dare you. Because seriously, the riftspawn were saying some pretty rude things about all your moms.”
If insulting your mums isn’t enough then Trion are going all out and hosting a competition:
“The proverbial gauntlet has been thrown down and to make it worth your while, we’ll be giving away 100 In-Game Prize Packs, and an Nvidia GTX 460 video card. All you have to do is play for the duration of the event.”
There you have it folks, if you didn’t plan on setting Saturday aside for some RIFT action then maybe you should think again and get online to defend your mum’s honour.
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