Risen Refused Classification Down Under

Australia’s Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) has refused to classify the new RPG Risen. The game, developed by Piranha Bytes, features prostitution and (fictional) drug use and has failed to make it through Australia’s notoriously strict classification process.Kotaku’s Australian site spoke to a spokesperson from the game’s distributer Madman Interactive who stated that the OFLC felt the game contained “sexual activity and drug use related to incentives or rewards.”Risen is not the first game to fall foul of the Australian censors – Fallout 3, Silent Hill: Homecoming and Dark Sector all had to be re-edited in order to be approved for release in Australia. Monolith’s FEAR 2 was also initially banned due to the level of gore in the game but the ban was subsequently overturned and the game was released unedited.

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