Risk Of Rain 2 Verdant Falls
Image: Hopoo Games

Risk of Rain 2 Verdant Falls guide: How to unlock and beat the boss

A nice, comfy, and dangerous place to be.

A new map is ready to be discovered in Risk of Rain 2 by all of us survivors willing to “risk” it all. Get it? I’ll let myself out. Here is how to unlock the new Verdant Falls map and beat its boss in Risk of Rain 2.

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How to unlock Verdant Falls in Risk of Rain 2

Verdant Falls is the new map available for all Risk of Rain 2 players to enjoy thanks to it being completely free and included in the Devotion Update. To visit Verdant Falls, you will need a bit of luck since it is a Stage 1 map, meaning that you will randomly pop in it at the beginning of your run.

Risk Of Rain 2 Verdant Falls
Image: Hopoo Games

If you wish to visit Verdant Falls, then keep resetting your run until you spawn in there. There is nothing special that you need to do for it to appear and is unlocked by default for any Risk of Rain 2 players, both returning and new.

How to beat the Verdant Falls boss in Risk of Rain 2

While the game has introduced a new map in the form of Verdant Falls, there are no new specific bosses on this map. So, you will end up fighting a Beetle Queen, a Stone Titan, a Clay Dunestrider, among others. Just remember to pick up as many items as you can and use your surroundings to your advantage to avoid any incoming boss damage, as you would in any other map in Risk of Rain 2.

Risk Of Rain 2 Beetle Queen
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Where to find the Verdant Falls Environmental Log in Risk of Rain 2

The collectible is found in Verdant Falls and, for the moment, the only secret available in Verdant Falls is the Environmental Log, No, the new Artifact codes aren’t found anywhere on the map – or even in the game, but that’s a tale for another day. The Verdant Falls Environmental log is found inside a giant log – go figure – right at the middle of the map. You will know you’ve hit the spot when you reach the inner room where there is a huge opening on the top.

Risk Of Rain 2 Environmental Log
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Interact with the log will unlock the entry in your Logbook. This will be very helpful if you are one of those completionist that will not tolerate a 99.9% completion – and believe me, I am one of them. That’s it for Verdant Falls! Be sure to unlock the newest Artifacts there are in Risk of Rain 2 thanks to the Devotion Update, as cryptic as the way to unlock them can be.

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