Roblox Adopt Me Dolls: How to get Pinocchio, Nurse and Dylan Builder

Roblox Adopt Me Dolls: How to get Pinocchio, Nurse and Dylan Builder

A new update is rolling out for Adopt Me that will change the game for the better for all players. The popular Adopt and Raise game encourages players to role-play as either a parent or a baby. Completing various quests throughout the game rewards cash which can be spent on things like house upgrades, cars, or pets. The problem is, the game has rapidly become a pet trading game as none of the players want to role-play as a baby. This means that anyone wanting to play the game as a parent is left, well, childless. Adopt Me is introducing three new dolls that essentially act as babies for the players to nurture; they come in three styles, Pinocchio, Nurse, and Dylan Builder.

How to get Roblox Adopt Me Dolls

Roblox Adopt Me Dolls: How to get Pinocchio, Nurse and Dylan Builder

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Once you have completed the initial introduction to the Adopt Me game, you can then choose to purchase one of the three dolls available. They are randomly selected from the three styles and cost a total of 900 cash each. It isn’t possible to choose which one you receive when you buy the pack, but each one is exactly the same apart from their appearance.

You can get the Adopt Me dolls from outside the nursery. There is now a stand to the left of the door which advertises the dolls for sale. You must approach the stand and choose to buy one of the wrapped gifts. Then, inside will be a randomly selected doll. You have the chance of acquiring Pinocchio, Dylan Builder, or Nurse. Furthermore, they are just smaller versions of the characters already in the game.

What are the Adopt Me dolls for?

Due to the popularity of pets in the game, the main focus of this world has become a little forgotten. Originally the game was focused on starting a family, with one player role-playing a parent while another role-plays a child. However, trading pets has become the main focus for many leaving anyone who wants to play the actual game childless.

The Dolls in Adopt Me works as a child would if it were played by a real person with all the needs and parameters.

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