Rocksteady: Navigation our ‘biggest’ focus with Arkham City

Making Batman’s commute fun.
Batman: Arkham City’s game director, Sefton Hill, has said that Batman’s ability to navigate his environment effectively was the dev team’s “biggest” focus.  
“The biggest thing we’ve focused on is his navigation and his ability to get around Gotham City, making that as exciting and fun as possible,” said Hill.
Hill explained that a bigger, more vertical world required a more robust gliding and grappling system.
“…when you’re gliding you can pull R2 to throw Batman into a dive. And as you hurdle towards the ground you can build momentum to propel you around the city. You can also get a grapple boost upgrade that boosts you off ledges and rooftops. And you can combine these two moves, the dive and grapple boost, to get around Gotham City without even touching the ground, if you get good enough.”
Making you feel like Batman when gliding around the city was key:
“What’s really nice is that you have to constantly be evaluating your surroundings like Batman would… It gives you the feel of being Batman in Gotham City. We wanted to live up to that promise” Hill told the PlayStation blog.
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Source: EU PlayStation blog

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