So the major 3 companies involved at E3 have ended their conferences. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the big news has to come to an end.

In fact shortly after the Nintendo conference came to an end, our source gave us a really big bit of news. The Sony product which is currently codenamed ‘Orbis’, which many suspect is the codename for the Playstation 4, is apparently going to be aiming to launch October 2013. There’s a good few things that tend to back this up and we’re about to take a bit of a look into why this is likely, aside from the fact that our source has been correct on all the info given to us about E3.

So what makes this highly possible? Well to start, it was evident that the Sony conference didn’t reveal as many games as usual at E3. It could be due to a number of factors. However the two most plausible are that Sony either wanted to wait it out and let Nintendo show their hand first so they have some idea of what they are up against. The second is that titles may have been withheld so they can become launch titles for the Playstation 4.

So what game could they be holding out on? Well there are quite a few upcoming Playstation 3 exclusives that have not seen the light of day as yet, all of which are highly ambitious, even impossible maybe on current gen systems. For Instance, The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and even Agent, which Jack Tretton was actually queried on by Geoff Keighley at GTTV earlier today on their All Access Live Stream.

Jack stated however that he doesn’t work for Rockstar, he works for Sony. And until he works for Rockstar he can’t give any news on the project, suggesting Geoff should contact Rockstar about the game. It’s notable that there was no clarification that the project has been cancelled or is no longer exclusive. It’s pretty clear though that he is not allowed to talk about the game anymore. Again, this could be because development has been moved to a system that has not yet been officially announced.

Another reason this is highly possible is because Nintendo’s new console, Wii-U, is expected to release this fall. With a new console coming to the market it’s likely both Microsoft and Sony will also want to join them fast, making sure not to miss out on the next gen hype train.

Also just like Sony, Microsoft’s E3 presentation also seemed somewhat restrained. If Microsoft are preparing a 2013 release for their project which is codenamed ‘Durango’, expected to be the successor to the Xbox 360, then you can bet that Sony will also be planning to release around the same time to avoid playing catch up like they have been this whole generation.

So all in all, it seems there are a good few reasons that the release date is plausible, aside from the fact our source is very accurate. A 2013 October release would certainly gain the expected sales from the rush of people buying Christmas gifts, while also ensuring that the reveal and release are not too far apart, keeping all the excitement intact for the release date!

Hopefully next E3 will bring in the new consoles for a world premiere reveal!

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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