Runescape Extinction Rewards Improved Feature

A few weeks ago, developer Jagex released the first new grandmaster difficulty quest into RuneScape in over five years, called Extinction. The quest itself was well-received, but many players didn’t feel as though the rewards were good enough. Well, today’s update for RuneScape greatly buffs the rewards given for completing Extinction.

Both the Pontifex Shadow Ring and Ring of Vigour can now gain additional benefits once the quest is finished. The Pontifex Shadow Ring can be imbued, which increases the drop chance for all Elder God Wars bosses. As for the Ring of Vigour, you can now make its power to save adrenaline when using ultimate abilities passive by speaking to Vicendithas to gather a Warped Gem, and then combining that gem with a Ring of Vigour.


Another piece of jewelry to receive some love is the Necklace of Salamancy. This necklace provides a 15% boost to accuracy and damage when fighting dinosaur-type enemies. It also increases the rare drop chance from dinosaur-type enemies and the rex matriarch bosses. The Necklace of Salamancy was in the game before, but it was unobtainable.

The improved rewards that RuneScape members can claim after finishing Extinction don’t stop there. The Dream of Iaia skilling region received a buffed and is now well worth visiting. Each skilling station now provides a lot more experience when used and the number of resources required to activate them has been reduced.

Oddment Store tweaks

Outside of the Extinction update, today’s patch also makes some adjustments to the Oddments Store. Players can purchase one of two Legendary Pets from the Oddments Store for 50,000 oddments. The random sales for Treasure Hunter Keys, Medium Prismatic Lamps, and Medium Prismatic Stars will no longer happen but you’ll need fewer Oddments to buy them. The daily cap on how many of these items can be purchased has also been doubled.

Runescape April 25 Update

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