Salt And Sacrifice Fated Hunts Fated Tomes Tome Of Fate Guide

Salt and Sacrifice – Emerald Tome of Fates location (Corvius’ Mire)

Let’s discuss the Cyan Tome of Fates in Salt and Sacrifice, a key item that can be found in Corvius’ Mire.


For this one, make sure you’ve already acquired the Luminstone tool. Then, go ahead and climb The Great Tree (which is basically how you’ll normally progress through the level).

When you’re almost at the top, you should see an Obelisk. If you go further up, that leads to a boss fight against the Sapblood Heart. Instead, make your way to the right.

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Continue along the open area and you should see a door. This one requires you to have devoured at least three Named Mages. Make a mental note of this location in case you haven’t done that yet.

If you do meet the requirements, pass through the door and you’ll be in a small room with another Luminstone circle. Before you activate it, go to the right and eliminate the mosquito and archer mobs. They’re annoying to deal with, and a single hit could cause you to fall to your death.

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With the mobs taken care of, activate the Luminstone and check the next area. You should see the glowing platforms and a hook point. From there, wall-jump until you reach the Emerald Tome. Lastly, if you take a look at the chamber to the left, you’ll find Inquisitor Selet there if you’ve already talked to him in Bol Gerahn.

We’ll talk about the key item in Dreadstone Peak in the next part of our Salt and Sacrifice Fated Tome and Fated Hunts guide.

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