Salt and Sacrifice: Hallowed Hill secret area rune teleporter guide

Salt And Sacrifice Hallowed Hill Secret Area Runes Portal

While you’re exploring the Elder Copse zone in Salt and Sacrifice, you might pass by a well-hidden section. That happens to lead to several clues pertaining to a dungeon in the game. Here’s our Salt and Sacrifice Hallowed Hill secret area guide to help you find the rune marking combination needed for the teleporter.

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Salt and Sacrifice – Hallowed Hill secret area rune teleporter combination guide

While the vast majority of rune combinations in Salt and Sacrifice are unlocked as you progress through the campaign, the one for Hallowed Hill is different in that it’s off the beaten path. To get there, you’ll want to traverse the Elder Copse zone normally:

  • From the spawn point, keep going left then down.
  • This takes you to Unprofaned Lake. Keep going right (battling Mage bosses and elites) until you see the rock wall.
  • Grapple and keep going left/upward until you can lower the bridge back to the main area.

Snsacr Hl Hll Sec 1

With that done, go just a bit slightly to the right. You should see a grapple point below the wooden ledge.

Drop down and quickly grapple to the opposite side.


This takes you to a corridor with an Inphyrean Warden (the same beast that you fought when you started the campaign).

Take it out or run away from it and keep heading to the left. If you do manage to kill it, it’ll drop an Ashpyr Brick for your equipment upgrades.

Snsacr Hl Hll Sec 3

Once you get past that fella, you’ll see a chest that has a Mosspyr Brick.

More importantly, there are two rune symbols here: the triangle and the chair.

Salt And Sacrifice Hallowed Hill Secret Area Runes Portal 1a

Open the door to the left. You should spot three more symbols: V, reverse F, and small N.

If you ride the wind current further, you’ll be back at the lower-left section of Elder Copse past the spawn point.

Salt And Sacrifice Hallowed Hill Secret Area Runes Portal 1b

In any case, return to Pardoner’s Vale and interact with the teleporter. Use this combination: V -> reverse F -> small N -> triangle -> chair.

That’s it, you’ve unlocked the Hallowed Hill secret area in Salt and Sacrifice by using the correct rune combination. While we won’t discuss the dungeon in detail in this guide, be forewarned that you’re likely to experience a lot of deaths due to all the jumping puzzles there. As such, you don’t want to waste all your Guiltless Shards unless it’s necessary.

Note: Make sure you keep a backup save before fighting the final boss in Elder Copse. Otherwise, your save will automatically turn into a New Game+ run once you’ve beaten that foe.

Salt And Sacrifice Hallowed Hill Secret Area Runes Portal 2

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