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Side-scrolling slashing and shenanigans.
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Salt and Sacrifice, the sequel to 2016’s Salt and Sanctuary, is a Souls-like Metroidvania. It’s a 2D action RPG where backtracking to areas that you’ve previously visited is common. However, there are also lots of challenges along the way, with cryptic clues and punishing deaths. Our Salt and Sacrifice guides and features hub discusses starter tips, leveling mechanics, Mage Hunts, and various secrets that you can discover during the campaign.

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Salt and Sacrifice guides and features hub

Official review Salt and Sacrifice has a lot to offer for fans of the subgenre, but there are also many problems that you can experience as you progress. The lack of a map, for one thing, makes navigation a tiresome endeavor when you’re looking for your targets. Still, is it worth your while?

Beginner’s guide – We discuss some starter tips for newcomers, as well as the functions of NPCs in the Pardoner’s Vale hub.

Starting classes and the Sage build – Choose a class that will determine your starting gear and perks.

Leveling and skill points – All salt/XP is lost when you die, but you can pick up the currency once more if you can make your way back to that spot. We talk about various tips related to leveling, including the acquisition, allocation, and refunding of skill points (i.e., Black Starstones and Gray Starstones).

Spellmark and Guiltless Shards – The Spellmark curse prevents you from reaching your maximum HP. It can only be cured by using a Guiltless Shard.

Mage Hunts – Mage Hunts are a core mechanic in Salt and Sacrifice, presenting a new way of battling bosses. You’ll start a hunt for these targets, and you have to chase them down as they spawn more mobs. These foes can even fight other hostiles in the vicinity, so try not to get sandwiched.

Fated Hunts and Fated Tomes – By collecting Fated Tomes, you can unlock daily Fated Hunts. These allow you to choose a specific boss to face, making farming a lot more manageable.

The Hallowed Hill secret area – While exploring the final region of the game, you might discover a secret combination that takes you to the Hallowed Hill, a mysterious dungeon that’s full of jumping puzzles and traps.

Final boss, endings, and New Game+ – Here’s what you can expect when you reach the final stages of the campaign. Make sure you’ve got a backup save, too.

Salt and Sacrifice is available via the Epic Games Store.

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