Salt and Sacrifice: Leveling guide — XP, skill points, and respecs

Salt And Sacrifice Leveling Guide Xp Skill Points Respec

The leveling system in Salt and Sacrifice has its own quirks, from the XP/currency that you earn to how you allocate points. Here’s our Salt and Sacrifice leveling guide to help you with XP earnings, skill points, and how to respec.

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Note: For more information, check out our Salt and Sacrifice guides and features hub.


Salt and Sacrifice leveling guide – Earning XP, gaining skill points, and how to respec

Salt currency

Similar to the first game, Salt and Sacrifice uses salt as the currency or XP for leveling up. It’s normally acquired by defeating enemies or by using salt-type items that you pick up. Given the Souls-like nature, dying will cause you to lose all the salt that you have. If you manage to return to the spot where you died, you can pick up your lost currency. But, if you die along the way, then it’s gone for good.

Note: If you die from fall damage, the salt pile will be left on the ground where you landed.

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Leveling: Black Starstones and Grey Starstones

When you have enough of the currency, return to the Pardoner’s Vale hub so you can level up in Salt and Sacrifice. Interact with the statue and you’ll see two options: Level Up and Tree of Skill.

You’ll receive these items, too:

  • 1x Black Starstone every level.
  • 1x Gray Starstone every five levels.

 Note: Leveling up in Salt and Sacrifice only increases your HP. However, you can boost other attributes (i.e., Strength, Dexterity, Arcana, Luck, and so on) as explained below.

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Allocating skill points and the respec method

Black Starstones are used to unlock attribute nodes in the Tree of Skill (i.e., skill tree) by pressing the “A” button on your gamepad. Similar to games like Path of Exile and Final Fantasy X, you’ll want to take note of the perks that are connected to each other as there are prerequisites before they can be unlocked.

Gray Starstones, meanwhile, are used to respec skills by pressing the “Y” button. This will refund the Black Starstones that you’ve used. Here are some tidbits:

  • You can pick up the skills that you want and refund certain nodes that you no longer need. The connected perks will still remain active.
  • Some perks cannot be refunded at all. These are the ones that allow you to equip higher weapon tiers, higher armor tiers, Glyphreader/Divine Glyph casting, and Banereader/Forbidden Glyph casting.

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Salt and Sacrifice is available via the Epic Games Store. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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