Shenmue Iii

The wait is over. Ryo Hazuki’s hunt for his father’s killer is back on! As of today, Shenmue III is finally available, continuing the saga that began so long ago on the Sega Dreamcast. Produced by the legendary Yu Suzuki and YS Net, the game features a number of activities, puzzles, and more. And, of course, it sees protagonist Ryo continue on his quest at long last.

To celebrate the occasion, Deep Silver has released a new trailer. It goes behind the scenes of the Shenmue III project, which took several years to complete following its Kickstarter campaign.

Tell us more about Shenmue III

The game continues the Shenmue story with its “distinct storytelling and immersive atmosphere,” providing players with new areas to explore and people to meet. Along the way, Ryo will resort to fisticuffs, take part in mini-games, and so much more.

Suzuki also commented on the game’s release. “Thank you so much for your enduring support these 18 years after Shenmue II. I hope from the bottom of my heart that Shenmue III becomes special for you, truly I thank you!”

The game is currently available on the Epic Games Store. You can get the standard edition for $49.99, as well as a special Deluxe Edition for $64.98. It includes the standard game, as well as the Season Pass and a few special goods. These include the legendary Flight Jacket and the Burning Sandstorm Advanced Technique Scroll. The Season Pass is also available for purchase separately for $14.99.

Kudos to Suzuki-san and his team for finally launching Shenmue III after what seems like an eternity in waiting. Now we can finally get back to what truly matters the most — playing old-school arcade games and racing forklifts. The last one across the finish line has to play all the quick-time event games!

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